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Mike Johnnson
14-09-2018 07:54
Game: Lineage 2
Server: Chronos
Didn`t received my order! Need to chargeback.

Bogdan Zamfirescu
24-05-2018 17:31
Game: Lineage 2
Server: Chronos
I ordered 30 bil in game they only delivered half in 24h after i asked for refund and never gave my money back my money still stuck on paypal claiming and appealing!!!

Another Scam site
02-02-2018 18:58
Game: Star Trek Online
Server: Federation
*MMOOK Scam site* *MMOOK Scam site* *MMOOK Scam site* *MMOOK Scam site*

28-12-2017 15:05
Game: Blade and Soul
Server: Yura
This site... hahahaha better if you stay away from this site guys...

25-12-2017 08:51
Game: Albion Online
Server: Global - Silver
I advise everyone against using them for service! … I advise everyone from even coming to make purchase from this delinquent company! as they do not serve their signed in paying customer any convenience or piece of mind, that you deserve! Here's how my experience upon selecting my desired product and choosing PAYPAL as my preferred method of payment, which as stated in their site is an acceptable payment to their listed advertise product for purchase. When all is done finished checkout, my payment has successfully completed and been sent a receipt through PAYPAL email invoice, so I checked in my account's paid history and it stated a status of "PAID" then comes the nasty part! Here is where you'll see the beginning of their behavior of which resembles that of the scammers! Their sites quoted, that their guaranteed delivery time is within 8 minutes to 24 hours. when after you check out and have a chat to them to present your order number, they'll ask you to hold on while they look up on it and all of the sudden you'll be told that their supplier isn't online and it is forever that the supplier will not be present which defeated the matter of having full stocks . They will stall you for so long past their stated time of delivery and will not be notify in any ways to tell you, that they decide to issue a refund to you, since they failed within the said time of delivery. So I got back at them to have them deliver what I have bought, so their reply to this was they don't accept paypal funny they say so, when they already have accepted my pay and they will suggest you to pay up via local method they present to you in chat. they require you to pay in one of those method only so they can "REFUND YOU" who ever wanna pay twice! do you!? That there is as what i define as a behavior of scam! I now presented the matter to PAYPAL AND ESCALATED IT! DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE!!!!

24-12-2017 00:06
Game: Blade and Soul
Server: Jinsoyun Vorsicht, hier nicht kaufen. Caution cheaters, do not buy here. Vorsicht, hier nicht kaufen. Caution cheaters, do not buy here. lässt sich bezahlen, liefert aber die Ware nicht. Ganz im Gegenteil, man wird aufgefordert noch einmal zu zahlen, mit dem weiteren Hinweis, das die erste Zahlung nicht akzeptiert wurde. Vorsicht vor und Finger von diesen Unternehmen, nicht kaufen. Der gleiche Betreiber hat auch noch die Seite, auch hier am Besten die Finger weg und auf keinen Fall etwas kaufen. mmook.comcan be paid, but does not deliver the goods. On the contrary, one is asked to pay once again, with the further indication that the first payment was not accepted. Beware of and fingers of these companies, do not buy. The same operator has also the side, also here best the fingers away and definitely not buy anything. Vorsicht, hier nicht kaufen. Caution cheaters, do not buy here.

Vito Belikov
23-12-2017 14:15
Game: Blade and Soul
Server: Zulia
Gold gekauft und sofort mit paysafe … Gold gekauft und sofort mit paysafe bezahlt Gold nicht erhalten live support kontaktiert kommen aber nur die Standard-antworten, dass der Lieferant nicht online ist. Bisher erhielt ich kein Gold. Alles in allem sehr schlechter Kundenservice sehr schlechte Verarbeitung zu dem noch die größte ab zocke überhaupt. Also werde ich hier nicht mehr Geld investieren und es allen anderen abraten.

23-12-2017 08:33
Server: Leviathan
That kind of site with many games can not have excelent service 24/7. It is very hard to manage all of this game with good quality.

20-12-2017 12:07
Game: Lineage 2
Server: Core
Delivery time was very long

19-12-2017 18:24
Game: Runescape 2007
Server: Old school
I chargeback my money from pp because they do not want to delivery..

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