Trove Pirate Captain Build - Warrior of the sea!

Trove Pirate Captain Build - Warrior of the sea!

May 8, 2020

Pirate Captain is everything that you might think of when you hear this name. A brave master of the ship that doesn't stray away from the adventure. With a loyal parrot at his shoulder, Pirate Captain lives a life of an outlaw that wanders through the world without fear. If you love pistols, cannons, and the smell of gunpowder, it will be the perfect class for you.


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About the Pirate Captain

Pirate Captain is a ranged damage dealer that, along with trusty parrot, deals damage to his opponents with cannons, pistols, and gunpowder. At the beginning of the game, it lacks both survivability and attack power. However, as the game gets to the later stages, he becomes more powerful and viable. If you are looking for a class that stands out from the others, Pirate Captain might be your best bet.


  • First Mate - Throws a cannon controlled by the Parrot. It is a DPS turret that has three stages of growth upgraded with Doubloons. Three Doubloons are needed for each upgrade. The initial and final range of the turret is set at 14 blocks. The second improvement to the turret gives it a boost from 140% Magic Damage to the whopping 720%. The player statistics do not determine the amount of attack speed that turret has; however, it gets two times faster on the final stage of growth.
  • Pretend Pirate - Sends a decoy with a bomb attached to it. The decoy attacks nearby enemies taunting them to attack it. When damaged three times explodes, dealing 250% Magic Damage. Because of low damage and a cost of 64 Energy, it is quite a niche ability.
  • Man'o' War - A Pirate Captain's ultimate has a 40-second cooldown. When used, Man'o' War spawns a giant cannon that damages everything in a targeted area for 600% Magic Damage. This ability lasts 15 seconds, and the turret range is 4.5 blocks.


It is a class viable for both Tanking and Damage Dealing. You can easily clear Shadow Towers and other content with Pirate Captain, but keep in mind that your character will grow in power, so don't expect to be strong right-away. Skills have solid DPS and great Area of Effect capabilities, which means that it is a good farming class.

When playing as a Pirate Captain, lots of damage comes from your turrets. Place them carefully in the right spots and don't throw them around randomly. Keep in mind that they have to be placed on the same level as your enemies, or they won't be able to deal damage. Your ultimate placement is even more critical, as you may also miss it when enemies hide behind a pillar or an obstacle. Besides a careful placement on your turrets and ultimate, your character also has bombs. Those can be thrown whenever and wherever you like o since that's the only thing that drains your energy.


Plunderbuss (Doubloon passive)

Pirate Captain passive skill is called Plunderbuss. It gives this class a new mechanic in the form of Doubloons that drop from enemies when Pirate Captain damages opponents with basic attacks or an explosive decoy. Doubloons are coins that players can collect to upgrade used skills (turrets) or to regenerate missing energy.


Standard and Laser Tank build

There are two viable ways of developing a Pirate Captain. The first one is a Standard Build that focuses on damage dealing capabilities without leaving survivability behind. Another one is a Laser Tank build, which is a bit more complicated. It revolves around the synergy of a Pirate Captain class and Laseratops mount to generate as many Doubloons as possible in a short period. By generating huge amounts of Doubloons, Pirate Captain can quickly upgrade cannons and spend the rest of the energy on Bombs and Decoys.


Statistics priority

Standard Build

  • Magic Damage > Critical Damage > Critical Hit > Attack Speed
  • Magic Damage is your main source of DPS - do not get mistaken as Pirate Captain is not a Physical Damage class.


On the equipment:

  • Hat: Max Health > Critical Damage > % Max Health > Attack Speed
  • Weapon: Magic Damage > Critical Damage > Critical Chance > Attack Speed
  • Face: Max Health > Critical Damage > Magic Damage > Attack Speed
  • Ring: Magic Damage > Critical Chance


#note - It is a very standard all-around build with high Critical Damage and Critical Hit. You want as much of those as you can because your bomb criticals are calculated based on your stats. Magic Damage is your main statistic since you will be using skills to deal DPS, and Attack Speed is necessary for turret upgrading and energy restoration.


Laser Tank Build

  • Magic Damage > Critical Damage > Critical Hit > Attack Speed
  • Laser Tank build can utilize the same stats as a regular build. However, it forces a bit more of Attack Speed than its predecessor.


On the equipment:

  • Hat: Max Health > Attack Speed > % Max Health > Critical Damage
  • Weapon: Magic Damage > Critical Damage > Critical Chance > % Max Health
  • Face: Max Health > Critical Damage > Magic Damage > Health Regen
  • Ring: Magic Damage > Critical Chance


#note - If you feel like you are rarely using Pretend Pirate ability and you want to bolster your survivability, you can do that by prioritizing Health more than we have mentioned. As we have written before with those stats, you will be able to generate large amounts of Doubloons quickly.



Standard Build

Chronomancer Qubesly is your best bet on the regular build as he improves Magic Damage by 20% and cooldown recovery ratio by 25%. Some people prefer a slight decrease in terms of damage for additional survivability by taking a Prefect Penguin. He gives the user the same Magic Damage, but instead of CDR, he offers a different bonus. For every monster that dies around you, he will grant 15% Maximum Health and 30 Movement Speed.

Laser Tank Build

Prowling Shadow offers a 2.2% Health recovery on every hit and a small bonus of 5 Movement Speed. Since you are an Attack Speed machine with this build, you will be able to sustain through a lot with such regeneration. Another Ally option is Samantha with the same healing bonus but a +3 Jump and +13 Superstition instead of a Speed. The difference between the two of them is barely noticeable, so choose the one that fits your playstyle better.



Standard Build

Arr-Tillery - Two First Mate cannons doubles player's firepower. This goes without saying - double firepower means two times faster kills - the best Pirate Captain Gem.

Explosive Epilogue - Killing enemies causes them to explode. One of the best DPS Gems that isn't class restricted.

Stinging Curse - Dealing damage applies Dame-Over-Time effects on hit enemies. Since you can hurt multiple opponents at the same time, you will instantly apply this DOT to all of them.

Laser Tank Build

Arr-Tillery - As mentioned, it is the best Pirate Captain Gem in the game, so without a doubt, it is your go-to choice.

Cubic Curtain - Avoiding damage grants a protective shield that stuns the enemy that attacks you. A little bit of survivability works well in this build as it doesn't provide high amounts of health.

Stinging Curse - In Laser Tank build this Gem works just as good as with the normal one.


Flasks and Emblems

Standard Build

Death-Defying Vial - Ten flask charges that offer 30% Health Recovery.

Arcane Emblem - offers a 250% Magic Damage for three seconds - just enough to burst down through the tougher opponents.

Surestrike Emblem - 20% Critical Hit for 10 seconds is a massive increase to much needed Critical statistics.

Laser Tank Build

Elysian Jug - Eight flask charges that offer a 100% Health Recovery.

Arcane Emblem - just as good with this build as with a Standard one.

Evil Eye Emblem - Summons a minion that fights along your side dealing Magic Damage based on your stats. A pet that deals a portion of your damage - very helpful in increasing DPS.



We hope that our Pirate Captain guide has given you some insight into how you can build your Trove class. The two paths of character development provided in this guide are endgame viable, and you can use them for most of the Trove's content. If you have liked our article, make sure to check out more of the content that was created by our writers. We are regularly releasing new articles, guides, and news, so be sure to follow us on social media to be always up to date. We would appreciate you leaving a comment in the section below. Share with us your opinion about us and about this guide - tell us what we can do better and where is room for improvement. Thank you for reading, and see you in the next one!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Pirate Captain a good Trove class?

It is rather bad early in the game, but it gets stronger, later on, becoming endgame viable.

Is Pirate Captain Magic or Physical damage user?

Pirate Captain utilizes purely Magic Damage - Physical Damage is useless for this class.

What is a Class Gem in Trove?

It is a Gem that can be equipped only by a particular class, ex. Arr-Tillery.

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