tree of savior december content patch

Tree of Savior December Content Patch

Tree of Savior
Feb 12, 2018

Even tho Tree of Savior has been off the radar for some time now it is still rocking a stable population around the world. This fun to play MMOARPG dropped a huge content update adding a whopping FOUR new character classes and increased the level cap.

Companions and characters can now reach a maximum of 360 levels and maximum character rank been bumped to 9. Four new classes that joined the Tree of Savior rich roster are: Matador, Shadowmancer, Bullet Marker and Zealot.

But classes and level cap are not all, the update also includes a new challenge mode and activated daily rewards calendar, a completely new First Shelter raid and ability to dismantle unwanted items. Also a new statistic has been added - “looting chance” making it possible to create a classic “magic find” builds.

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