rift prime servers

Rift Prime Servers

Feb 8, 2018

Trion Worlds recently announced introduction of Rift Prime server, bound to release this spring and so far all we are left with is ton of questions as studio refuses to shed any light on the project. Former and current Rift players started digging for scraps of information on those servers.

Most important piece of information revealed is that nothing will carry over from the Prime server to the rest of the game once Prime server ends. Players will start at level one and progress through content that will be released in small bits over course of nine to twelve months. Classes and content will be up to date so prime servers will not be vanilla. Subscribers will gain immediate access one Prime server right away.

Producer Chris Junior Said:

Prime progression will not carry over to live servers, what we’re discussing for Prime players who also play on live is to provide a cosmetic trophy/participation reward for their accomplishments on Prime such as a title, a cape something like that.

In other news Trion also confirmed that the item shop will be greatly reduced offering only select mounts, cosmetic and dimension items along with consumables.

Remember to log in by January 31st to preserve Rift character names that were not played for longer than six months since Trion is flushing out inactive names!

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