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OSRS Guide to earning money (gold) in 2019 - 12 ways of making money

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Mar 1, 2019

Many players probably wonder how to get easy money in Old School Runescape. There are many different ways of getting gold in this game. It depends mostly on your play style. Players should do things, they consider as their favorite. Some of them will find fun in killing monsters, others in skilling, pickpocketing, smithing or quest making. In this OSRS money making guide, I am going to give you some tips on how to earn a good amount of money. This guide is for beginners, more advanced and high-level players accounts.

At first, I will show one of the best ways of getting some gold at the beginning of your journey with oldschool Runescape. When you start the game, you will realize that an efficient way of getting money is a hard nut to crack. In order to earn money, you must have some start-up capital.

1. Mining + crafting items for low-level players

The best money making method for a newbie is, for sure, mining. While mining resources you can be afk if you want. Just leave your character logged in. In the beginning, you will be able to mine copper and tin ore. Then you smelt tin ore and copper into a bronze bar. Bars can be easily crafted into a particular item and then, crafted gear can be sold for some cash. This creates the aforementioned start-up capital. To make the task easier, mine on the western side of Varrock it is the best place to start mining. Why? Because of the bank located in Varrock city. In order to make mining profitable, you should get two hundred and eighty copper and the same amount of tin ore. Then deposit them into your bank account in the current location.

After you finish mining and get a big amount of resources, you have to melt them into bars. In order to create bars, you should make a trip to Burthrope (you can use teleport rune). Lodestone can make this travel faster, or if you do not have it, you can simply make a short walk there. It will take a couple of minutes. In Burthrope you have to take 14 tin and 14 copper from the bank located there. Do not take more or less. It is very important because your inventory can only hold 28 items! Such action must be repeated until you will exchange all of your resources. It will cost you some time. In the end, you should receive 280 bronze bars. Now you will wonder why you had to mine 280 copper and tin ore. Let me explain. There are some requirements to do such action. By getting a certain amount of these resources you are able to get the necessary skill in smithing.

If you followed the steps properly you will be able to start crafting bronze gear. There are many pieces of equipment you can craft like weapons, amulets, armor, boots etc. In order to begin, you should get some knowledge about the market. It is not worthy of wasting resources for non-profitable items. That’s why you should check item prices and consider which one will bring you the highest outcome. You have to take into consideration every bar used in crafting as well as the price. It is very simple. Some items need one bar, some two and some of them three. In order to calculate the outcome, you have to look at the price and look at how many bars are needed to craft a particular item. If the item needs to be made from two bars, the price has to be divided by 2. If three bars are required, the price should be divided into 3 etc.

In my opinion, a weapon called Bronze Sword is the most profitable item, but you can do your own research in that matter.

After you finish crafting you need to go back to Varrock city and head for the Grand Exchange. Just to explain what is „Grand Exchange” for newbie players. It is an auction house where every Runescape item is being sold or bought. And this is your place for making fortune.

At first, you have to get access to the Grand Exchange services. In order to do that, you must go to the Grand Exchange Clerk and talk with him. You should have crafted items in your inventory. You will not be able to get all the items, but this is not a problem. Banker (a place where your items are deposited) is located next to the Grand Exchange Clerk. Remember that your inventory can hold only 28 items, so you need to switch to note withdrawal mode. You can simply do that by clicking on the sword symbol, under the button „Load Preset”. After that, you will be able to withdraw all the crafted items as notes so items will be in a single stack.

Then you click on the Grand Exchange Clerk and open the window in which you will be able to start selling your goods. In order to do this, you have to right-click on items that are in your backpack and select the „Offer Bronze Sword” option. It will switch you to another window, in which you can select the price for the item as well as the amount you would like to sell. Remember to set a better price than it is in the general market. In the beginning, you should sell all your items for the lowest price on the Grand Exchange. There is a button with labeled „-5%” which will make your price small enough to sell your items almost instantly. Then you simply press the „Confirm Offer” button and you will see your offer as active. Now you have to wait sometime for items to be sold. It may take a couple of minutes or hours.

When all of your items will sell, you have to click on the button with the item to withdraw your cash into your inventory.

2. Trading with other players.

Second, and also a very easy way of earning money in oldschool Runescape is simply trading with other players. When you get your first money from crafted items you can invest it into more bronze bars, steel bars or better items and try selling them for a bigger profit. To do so you have to use the Grand Exchange again. Click the button with the box and green arrow in order to open the window with the search engine. In the search bar, you can put the name of any item. The search bar will help you, find items offered by players. So, for example, you can search for a „bronze bar” and by doing this you will be able to see the prices of bronze bars. Remember to put some effort into analyzing the price, because if you buy a bar which has a higher price than an item you want to make, this will not be effective at all. You can do this with every resource and item in the game. Sometimes buying goods and selling them after a couple of days can make you very rich. Also, remember that you can contact a player via PM chat to trade goods for a better price. I remember the situation when the iron bars were very cheap. One day, I was buying them for an average price of 2000 gold and then, after two weeks, I sold them for 10000 gold. By investing 100 k Runescape gold, I made 400k profit doing almost nothing. Note that sometimes you can lose money, but such is a risk of investing. Always save some gold, do not invest everything you have. Act wisely and use your head to make a fortune just by investing and trading.

3. Skilling

Skilling, in other words, leveling up your skills is a very time-consuming task, but also one of the most profitable ones OSRS. There are many skills in Runescape that can be learned. The most profitable skills are very hard to be developed to high levels. At high levels, skills like Thieving, Farming or Runecrafting will be very profitable. You can even earn millions per hour. Skills like Mining, Woodcutting and, for example, Fishing are good choices for the beginning. By learning them you will have a steady profit but it will not offer you a full potential for quick earnings. It will be enough just to start with. I recommend aiming for mining and crafting as the main skills. Why? Because of the doors, it unlocks for you. There are many different ways of using your skills. You can be a professional miner and earn money only by selling resources. You can also craft equipment from gathered materials, and then simply sell it. It is also important to mention that your character will be stronger because of the fact that you will be able to craft equipment for your own use. You should also consider getting a “member account” in the game. Without “member”, places, where you can gather resources, will often be crowded because of the popularity of Runescape. With member status, you will find it easier to skill because other players won’t interrupt as often as without premium account. Along with the development of skills, you will be able to gather better and better resources like ores, runes, leather, herbs etc. and sell them for more money. This will allow you to generate huge profits.

4. Developing combat skills

As a low-level player, you also should develop your combat skills. It will be useful on higher levels. There is a very good way of training your combat level and earning money at the same time. You probably wonder how? It is very easy. It is all about killing monsters like chaos druids, chickens etc. In the beginning, you will have to visit Lumbridge Castle and kill some chickens. Do you know what is the best part? Chickens cannot kill you so you do not have to bring any food with you. Also, good equipment is not necessary. From chickens, you can get feathers, chicken meat, and bones. All the feathers you gather will only take one inventory slot. Meat and bones unfortunately not. You will be forced to deposit your stuff in the bank very often. That’s why I mentioned Lumbridge Castle as a place to farm chickens. You will have to kill some of them, gather stuff and go to the bank near the Castle. But trust me, it is worth your time. Bones are needed to level up Prayer, and feathers for fly-fishing. That’s why players will always pay for such stuff.

5. Enchanting

Enchanting is a very good way to earn good amount of money. But, in order to start, you should have some rs3 gold to invest. Making money from enchanting is all about buying sapphire rings, cosmic runes and a Staff of Water. From this combination, you get Ring of Recoil. It is used in combat to increase damage. People buy such rings because they use them to kill Zulrah’s snakelings. You are able to earn up to 300k gold for each transaction. Also, it is a very good way to develop your Magic level. In order to make Ring of Recoil, at least 55 magic is recommended. Then you have to cast Level 1 Enchant on each ring you’ve bought and then bank them. Repeat this action until you enchant all of your rings. You have to remember that sometimes this method won’t work because of the inflation on the market. I suggest you make calculations and figure out if it is worth investing your OSRS gold. On average you should be able to earn 200k per hour.

6. Tanning Dragonhides

I suggest using this method for more advanced players, that already have several millions of OSRS gold. This way of making money is very profitable. You can make great money like 800k in two hours of tanning. All you have to do is purchase a large amount of Dragonhides (Green or Blue). You buy them in the Grand Exchange. When you will have Dragonhides in your inventory, you should head to Al Kharid and get them tanned. After this procedure, you should go to the Grand Exchange and sell it for a price that will be profitable for you. Remember! It is very important to buy the hides for the lowest price on the market. Then test whether tanning method is worth your time or not.

7. Crafting Gold Amulets

You can get gold bars from mining (you make it from gold ore) or by buying them on the Grand Exchange. If you do not like farming you should consider buying them on the market. It requires some gold investment, but it saves your time. But to the point. When you have a Gold Bar you can craft Gold Amulet from it. This method is profitable only when you have a few hundred Gold Bars. So remember to have at least 100 k to start. With this method, you will get pure profit and train Crafting level at the same time. This is one of the best money makers for free to play (f2p) players.

8. Pickpocketing

Pickpocketing is a very funny and enjoyable way of earning money. You need to remember that the higher the level of Thieving skill you have, the more successful you will be at this method. In order to start, your Thieving skill has to be on the 38th level. When you reach the required level, you should head to Draynor Village. Why it is the best place to pickpocket? Because you will have the fastest access to a bank. There is an NPC called Master Farmer. You simply right-click on him to pickpocket him. By this method, you can easily make up to 300k OSRS gold. It generally depends on what you will loot from your victims and how successful you will be. From the master farmers, you are able to get seeds. There are many seeds that are totally useless so you can throw them away, but there are also seeds that can be sold for a lot on Grand Exchange.

9. Killing bosses

Every MMO game can be played in many different ways. One person will prefer crafting or mining and others will prefer PvE. When starting the game, remember that killing bosses are not that profitable because it does not give you valuable rewards. You will be able to earn more money by following the first 8 steps described in this article. The situation is totally different for a high-level character because you can kill bosses like Vorkath, Zulrah or Cerberus. It will require highly developed stats, specific equipment, and some knowledge on how to kill them, but on higher levels, it is very profitable. After you kill an elite monster, it drops decent items (nature runes, law runes, coins, specific wearing etc.) that can be sold in the Grand Exchange, or used for your own purposes. I mentioned two bosses: Vorkath and Zulrah. You can earn up to 2,5kk per hour just by killing them. It is based on how successful you will be. When it comes to slaying Cerberus, the situation is different. There is a chance to drop very valuable crystals that can be worth around 31kk. (Primordial Crystals), but if you are not lucky, killing him is not that profitable. That is why players seeking consistent profit often avoid attacking Cerberus and prefer to kill other bosses like Zulrah.

10. Growing magic saplings

Growing magic saplings is a very time consuming but at the same time a profitable, way of making money in Old School Runescape. Because of the fact that it gives almost no experience, players skip it in favor of buying the sapling from the Grand Exchange. It opens an opportunity for players to earn some good cash. Like many different methods involving trading goods, it requires some capital to start. To be sure whether it is profitable for you or not, you should grow one sapling and check the market. Most of the times, you will be able to earn good amounts of money from this method. In order to start, you have to drop or buy Magic seeds and add them into the pots. When all plant pots are filled with seeds you can use two methods of watering them. First one is to cast skill called Humidify and second one is to water them using watering cans. I suggest you to use Humidify skills since it is less time-consuming. After watering, seedlings will turn into saplings. It can take up to five minutes to turn from seedling to sapling. When you have saplings you simply sell them in the Grand Exchange for a particular amount of gold. Profit always depends on the situation on the market. If you are not satisfied with the price, just wait one or two days. Price for Magic Saplings changes on daily basis, so sell them when the time is right and when you will be sure that your profit will be maximized. It can multiply your income even three times.

11. Killing Brutal Black Dragons

This method is a typical monster grind and by doing that your hourly drop can be worth up to 800k OSRS gold per hour. If you are lucky, you can drop multiple rewards like, for example, various runes and dragon items which can be very expensive, so you can multiply your profit.  It is also a very good way to train your combat skills that will be useful while fighting stronger mobs or bosses. Brutal black dragons are located in the spot called Catacombs of Kourend. Remember to support yourself with Protect from Magic (raises your magic defense) and Extended antifire potions (it will boost your fire protection) activated because their ranged magic attacks are extremely powerful. Melee damage is also high, so be careful when fighting in close range and when collecting drop from the ground, since sometimes there is more than one monster around and you can get hit that will be lethal for you. Depending on your equipment (dragon slayer crossbow with dragon bolts will be core item here), skills, strength and inventory space, you can kill around 40 dragons per hour. Killed dragons always drop hides and bones. Dragon bones can be sold in the Grand Exchange for a couple of hundred gold per bone. Dragonhides are always needed for Crafting and can be sold for a good amount of money in the Grand Exchange (the price for each dragonhide depends on the market situation, bones are rather stable in price).

12.Humidifying Clay

The last method I will describe for you in this guide will be Humidifying Clay. It is one of the easiest ways to earn good amount of money by doing simply one thing. As a product of this process, you get Soft clay. It is used by players to train Crafting. Soft clay is always in high demand. By doing practically nothing you can earn 500k per hour or even more. To start producing Soft clay you must have Clay and Astral runes in your inventory. You should equip stream battlestaff to maximize profit and efficiency from Humidifying. Take 27 clay and 815 astral runes from the bank and cast the Humidify spell. By doing that, your whole inventory (clays and runes) will turn into Soft clay. After that, you should bank it and repeat the whole process.

There are many more opportunities to get gold in Old School Runescape. You will learn some of them during your journey in the game. In this guide, I showed you Runescape money making methods that can be useful at the beginning of the game, where you should go and what should you use in order to speed up the whole process. The whole guide is written for different types of players. Every gamer will find the best way of earning money eventually. Remember to diversify your methods in order to make the game more enjoyable.  Hopefully, you will enjoy this guide! Have fun in the game and stay tuned for new guides!

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