neverwinter cradle of the death

Neverwinter: Cradle of the Death God and Future of the game

Feb 12, 2018

Developers admitted that random queues system still is not working as intended and requires some fixes and tweaks for future level scaling systems. PlayStation 4 release has been also discussed as well as fixes for the Throne of The Nine Gods challenge, the focus on PvP and community Q&A.

While all this is being done Cryptic continues their preparation for the Lost City of Omu module which is supposed to be 2018 big update. Cradle of the Death God epic trial is supposed to be part of that content addition and is supposed to introduce players to brand new difficulty level. This time the fight won’t be taking place in a single room, adventurers will be descending further and further into Acererak’s Tomb and the entire encounter will be split into three major acts.

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