eve online milion dollar battle

“Million Dollar Battle” turned out to be couple-thousand disappointment

EVE Online
Feb 5, 2018

It was supposed to be a biggest and most expensive battle of all time in EvE Online when Goonswarm Federation launched a final strike against the main base of operations of Pandemic Legion. By attacking their keepstar “Goons” have initiated a chain of events that was supposed to gather over 6000 pilots in ships worth a grand total of around one million dollars (using the plex isk conversion rates).

Showdown in 9-4RP2 system didn’t go as expected. Both parties pulled out over 250 titans and just over 6000 pilots. The sheer number of participants in one location caused some serious performance problems. The on-board EvE Online time dilation system slowed down game to ridiculous speeds constantly disconnecting players that had to wait over 20 minutes to log back in. While every module on every ship was slowed down by 90% the Pandemic Legion citadel seemed to be unaffected by this repairing at normal rates. The assault lasted for couple of disappointing hours and resulted with no damage done to the Keepstar. The unfair distribution of “TIDI” gave defenders unfair advantage making it literally impossible to even scratch the station. Eventually attackers pulled back with only 3,300$ worth of losses on both sides.

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