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Jun 17, 2020

In Path of Exile builds often revolve around certain unique items with powerful bonuses like Coward's Legacy or The Nomad. It's not uncommon for a belt to not only have great stats but also to provide truly game-changing bonuses like Headhunter Belt. In this article, we will have a deeper look at the Unique Belts available in PoE. Take a seat and read what we think about the most powerful straps in the game.


About Unique Belts

In the Path of Exile, players can find various types of regular Cloth Belt, Crystal Belt, and other types of this piece of equipment but besides these, there are over 40 Unique belts. Some of them can be used by players from the first level while others might require up to 79. They are used in the high variety of builds that range from Summoners through Debuffers up to Auto-attackers. Everybody can find something useful for their character in this section. Even if your build doesn't require a specific belt it is always good to have one that provides high Resistances, improved Item Rarity, or just a great amount of boost to Health. That last part is the most important when it comes to belts. Unlike other items, this part of the equipment can possess the highest bonus to Health or Energy Shield. Since belts cannot have gem slots in them they are often less pricy than other parts of the armor. This also applies to the Uniques from this section so if you want to quickly raise in power or just be stronger at a low cost - buy a new Unique belt. For secure poe orbs check this store.


Crafting unique belts with Ancient Orb

With the use of the Ancient Orb, players may alter one Unique item into another of the same type. This allows adventurers to gamble a weak belt for a possible outcome of a very rare. This process is usually extremely costly and it rarely pays off since there are much more cheap belts than expensive ones. It is safer to sell Ancient Orbs or to use them on other equipment parts than to waste them on a strap.


List of available Unique Belts

Here is the list of all Unique Belts and their most notable stats. Keep in mind that they have much more to offer and we will be only describing partly when they are useful.

Darkness Enthroned - Has 1 Abyssal Socket that increases the effects of socketed jewels by 50%.

String of Servitude - Corrupted belt with tripled Implicit Modifier Magnitudes.

Meginord's Girdle - Upgrades various stats like Strength, Physical Damage, Maximum Life, Cold Resistance, and Flask Recovery Rate.

Wurm's Molt - One of the best early game belts that improve Life, Strength, Intelligence, Cold Resistance and allows you to leech Mana and Health through the damage that you deal.

Faminebind - Works best with builds that revolve around physical projectile spells since it increases their damage via two modifiers.

Feastbind - Leeches portion of Health back from the damage done and improves the Global Physical Damage.

Perandus Blazon - One of the cheap belts with Increased Quantity of Items Found. Great early game option.

The Magnate - Useful boost of 20-25% to All Resistances for characters at 200+ Strength.

Belt of Deceiver - Intimidates nearby enemies, increases Damage and Resistances

Bated Breath - Increases Energy Shield by quite a lot so works great with builds that rely on this mechanic. On top of that, it has a nice 10% bonus to all damage done.

Coward's Chains - Greatly Increases Damage and Movement Speed but curses the user with Vulnerability and "Unlucky Enemy Hits". An amazing item that greatly improves DPS however it works only with certain builds that can withstand the downsides.

Prismweave - Gives various boosts to Elemental Damage and therefore works best with builds that revolve around this statistic. Another great early game belt which can increase the DPS by quite a lot without ruining player's budget.

Bisco's Leash - Gives the player a Rampage and increases the Rarity of Items Found for every 15 kills. On top of that offers a huge bonus to Cold Resistance and a small one to Quantity of items found. Its stats aren't that great but the ability to drastically increase Rarity of Items Found makes this belt a costly but a worthy investment.

Umbilicus Immortalis - Makes the Flask apply to your Zombies and Spectres instead of you. A Belt for very specific Summoner builds. Since you won't be able to use Flasks to heal yourself anymore this belt choice is usually too risky to wear.

Ryslatha's Coil - Increases stun duration on enemies and recovers a portion of the health from all Stuns that you make. Since it doesn't work on bosses it is a rarely useful item.

Sunblast - Increases the effectiveness of traps via longer duration and better damage. A must-have belt for trap users.

Headhunter - One of the most expensive belts in the game. Increases damage against rare monsters by a big margin and allows you to steal their buffs for 20 seconds after the kill.

Mother's Embrace - Makes all of your minions use your Flasks. Similar effect to Umbilicus Immortalis but works for more summons than just Zombies and Spectres.

Ascent from Flesh - Improves Elemental Resistances and some of the effects of Phasing mechanics. Belt with many defensive stats and not even one offensive. This is also the reason why it is barely used by anybody.

Meligaro's Restraint - Revolves around Shock mechanic improving the damage of the player when he is under the effect of a Shock. Only for specific builds that use this mechanic to their advantage.

Siegebreaker - Dying minions are spreading Caustic Ground around them. Belt only for a specific group of Summoners.

The Retch - Huge benefits for Physical Damage users including improved Lifesteal, Damage, Movement Speed, and more. Very good Unique belt that might be costly early in the league.

Soulthirst - Gives a Soul Eater status (increases Attack and Cast Speed on monster kill) during the flask effect and your character loses it when an effect ends or flask is used again.

Gluttony - Curses the user with the lack of Armor and Energy Shield but buffs him with the ability to apply Level 30 Poacher's mark on hit. Enemies marked are also treated with Culling Strike on every hit. Poachers mark gives life-steal, mana-steal, and weakens enemies.

Soul Tether - A belt that recovers Energy Shield instead of health through the Life Leech when you are at a full life. The very specific item for a very narrow group of users that can utilize it with their build.

The Nomad - Strength, Dexterity, Resistances, and Physical Damage. Great leveling belt for physical builds if you can surpass the required 200 Strength and Dexterity.

The Tactician - Strength, Intelligence, Resistances, and Physical Damage. Same as above but Intelligence instead of Dexterity.

Leash of Oblation - Allows you to use offerings of all types. A belt for summoner builds.

Immortal Flesh - Great belt for survivability with Life, Regenerations, and Resistances. Good for leveling but not as good later in the game.

Coward's Legacy - +5-10% Movement Speed Increase and few debuffs. Belt for rushing lower level content and easy maps.

Dyadian Dawn - Life, Strength, and Resistances. 1% Life Leech on Chilled enemies can be great on Glacial Hammer builds.

Hyperboreus -50-70% Increased damage against chilled enemies is a huge boost for builds that revolve around this mechanic.

The Flow Untethered - A belt that grants you a summon that occasionally buffs your character with 20% faster animations. On top of that, you get various bonuses that increase your quickness like Cooldown Recovery, Energy Recovery, Attack Speed, and Cast Speed. Good belt for builds with long cooldowns.

Cyclopean Coil - Huge life and stats increase - Belt that works well only on high stat builds. Pretty bad otherwise.

Doryani's Invitation - Leaches a portion of lightning damage as life and adds multiple elemental resistances. Great belt for lightning users.

Perseverance - Gives you a chance to buff yourself with Fortify on a stun. While Fortify is active you also gain Onslaught. Works best for Onslaught users.

Auxium - Greatly increases Elemental Damage through the use of Power Charges. A go-to choice for builds that rely on Power Charge and Elemental Damage.



If you want to deeper your knowledge about the game content read about Flask Effect, Attack Damage, Unique Rings PoE has, PoE Unique Belts check out other articles on our website and see what fandom gaming community made on PoE Wiki. That's all for today and see you in the next one!


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