Final Fantasy XIV - Emanation Guide

Jan 5, 2018

Final Fantasy XIV - Emanation Guide

Emanation is a beautiful, level 67, main story Trial in which we fight Lakshmi, The Lady of Bliss. The fight itself consists of three phases, all of which are very forgiving. The fight begins with Lakshmi shielded off behind two adds that we have to deal with first. Adds can be tanked together or separately, it doesn’t matter at this stage, only trick they have is gaze attack but just turn around to avoid it as usual. Lady of Bliss will keep healing the adds so be sure to focus one mob at once to out-dps the incoming heals.



Once you dispose of the adds the real battle begins. It is a good idea for tank to keep Lakshmi at the edge of the platform to give your party members more space to avoid some of the mechanics. You will notice a duty action button activating during this trial called Vril. Once activated damage from the boss is greatly reduced for 30 seconds. Each player can hold one charge of Vril at the time but replacement orbs will spawn throughout the fight. Please have in mind that you can pick up the orb while having Vril charge which will consume the orb but will not grant you any additional charges.



Hand of Grace - This attack will target up to three players with a plus shaped AOE. If you have been targeted by this try to get to the edge of the arena to drop it off leaving some space for rest of the party members. You can also use a Vril stack to soak the damage.

Hand of Beauty - Two players will be targeted by circular AOE, just like in case of Hand of Grace drop them off at the edge of the arena. Keep in mind that if anyone else stands in this AOE the size of it will increase.

Pull of Light -  Heavy single target tank-buster. If unmitigated it can one-shot an undergeared tank. As a tank use your cooldowns or Vril stack to soak the damage.

Stotram - This skill deals mediocre damage to the entire party which has to be healed through

Lakshmi Bosom - Boss will become invulnerable dealing massive damage to the entire party, use Vril stack to protect yourself from it. Fortunately enough orbs usually spawn before this attack begins.

Divine Denial - Lakshmi will move towards the center of the arena doing heavy knockback attack, keep close to her if you want to avoid falling off the edge of the platform.

Past Devine Denial, Lakshmi skills become more complex.

Pall of Light - Empowered version of Hand of Grace, anyone not handling the plus-shaped AOE should stack up and keep each other alive.

Path of Light - Targets second-highest threat target dealing cleave damage. If you are “it” face away the boss from rest of the group and pop your Vril.

The fight is pretty straightforward, remember to leave your AOE’s at the edge of the map, keep the boss as much away from the middle as possible, face her away during the cleave.

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