eve online star destroyer

EVE Online - Star Destroyer

EVE Online
Feb 8, 2018

So you want your own star destroyer? Want some of that sweet moon-bashing ISK? It’s pretty simple.

Once you have bought or manufactured your refinery you can deploy it at an Upwell Moon Mining Beacon. Once it is up you can equip your station with a Standup Moon Drill in order to blast huge bits out of the nearby moon and then beam them them up where you turn that huge chunk into an actual asteroid belt that can be mined by fellow capsullers.

Once Standup Moon Drill is set and turned online you can set an Extraction Schedule. The longer the time frame for a single extraction operation is the chunk pulled will be bigger. The extraction cycle length can be set anywhere between 6 and 56 days. Below the slider you will find expected volume and ore types of the chunk that is currently being worked on.

Starting the extraction will cause the Moon Drill to shoot at the moon and pull the chunk up to the refinery over the set time. Any capsuleer that is able to take control of the refinery will be able to launch the extraction operation.

After the extraction is complete, the resulting chunk will be ready outside the refinery waiting for the moon drill to fire upon it breaking it apart into smaller mineable asteroids. If an extracted moon piece has not been destroyed within three hours of the finished extraction process the Moon Drill will fire on it automatically. Once chunk has been destroyed a new extraction cycle can be planned and started immediately and the chunks of the shattered moon will stay around for few days or until mined off completely.

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