Blade and Soul Dungeons

Blade and Soul
Feb 6, 2018

People of Yurido Village struggled to rebuild their homes but thanks to great location and bountiful fishing spots of Amethyst Shore, their future looked bright. Away from the vicious Volkami it seemed that they are finally inbound for a prosperous and peaceful existence. Those dreams were quickly shattered as fisherman found a shattered fishing vessel, something big was destroying the ship, something with gargantuan black tentacles.

Nova Core
6vs6 Battleground

One of the greatest archaeological discoveries. Greatest minds struggle to find purpose of this ancient device and they have finally made a breakthrough: space soccer! Two opposite teams have to lead orbs of radiant energy known as “Pulsars” into the gateways of their opponents. Archeologists and stonemasons worked tirelessly to bring this ancient arena back to its former glory

Blade & Soulmate

The Blade and Soulmate season is making a comeback. Complete daily and weekly challenges and unlock new and returning rewards. Be on the lookout for unique new Blade & Soulmate themed costumes in the Hongmoon Store. Additionally this years event has additional pvp twist called Love at First Fight. Fight for two different factions and collect two halves of a broken heart then combine them to unleash the power of love upon the fields of battle.

More stuff!
Blade and Soul: Call of the Deep introduces several new legendary weapons, accessories, soul shields and quality of life improvements.

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