Blade and Soul Class Overview

Blade and Soul Class Overview Part Two

Blade and Soul
Dec 18, 2017

Soul Fighter

Soul fighter is a well rounded hybrid class, a combination of Kung Fu Master and a Force Master. It's a pretty unique class when it comes to gameplay because it combines ranged and melee skills so it never gets boring. For some reason it is one of the least played classes. Soul Fighter has few party buff abilities including health increase which is really useful in PvP scenarios. They deal decent damage in PvE as well and are very flexible during the fight due to their ability to switch between dealing damage in melee and long range.

Force Master

Pretty much cookie cutter ranged caster class.  Dealing insane damage but lacking in mobility and survivability. Very useful in PvE due to their party-wide invulnerability buff that lasts 8 seconds. This ability alone makes Force Master a must-have for certain encounters. In PvP they are decent, but if they won't manage to burst their opponent down with sheer amount of damage they make they might find themselves in bit of a trouble especially against high mobility classes.


Class available only to Gon. Very good berserker-style melee DPS. One of few classes that can actually CC bosses in dungeons interrupting sometimes deadly mechanics giving your party 5-6 seconds of risk-free DPS. Destroyers are not played much since they have pretty much similar skillset to Blademaster with the main difference being that Blademasters deal way more damage. But if you enjoy the brutish style of Gon and want to run around waving a giant axe over your head - Destroyer is your pick.


Lyn exclusive class, considered one of the easiest classes to play and level up. Thanks to their pet they are extremely efficient at killing packs of mobs and can dish out huge amounts of damage while having high mobility and survivability. By having your personal tank with you at all times you simply just don’t die. Lots of crowd control abilities, party stealth (similar to Assassin) and the damage output makes Summoners a very versatile class good in solo PVE, group content and PvP.

Blade Dancer


Blade Dancer is a Lyn version of a Blade Master. Main difference between the two is that Blade Dancers are leaning more towards damage whereas Blade Masters are more of a tanky class. One of the highest DPS in game next to the Warlock and Force Masters. Their high mobility makes them extremely good in both PvE and PvP.  They lack meaningful party buffs but they easily fill that void with their huge damage.


Newest class to join Blade and Soul lineup. Gunslingers are probably the best PvP class right now, with the extremely high burst damage from flame specialization they are able to shut down most targets almost instantly. Thanks to unique mechanics of building up chamber heat to unlock Explosive Shot gameplay feels more strategic. Playing the class requires a certain amount of know-how and skill in managing your resources and cooldowns since it relies heavily on “procs” (short time buffs or effects triggered under certain circumstances) but is probably the most rewarding class to master.

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