black desert berserker combinations

Berserker JIN BON WON combinations

Black Desert Online
Feb 5, 2018

Lets compare a Carmae crystal:

Base Crystal:




As you can see each crystal is a different variation of the base one. Each piece of equipment has different Black Magic Crystal that can be upgraded such as Viper for gloves, Harphia for helm etc.

Different classes use different combinations. Lets look into the late-game combination which means full boss gear, kzarka and kutum/nouver/sayier offhand. Why we won't be covering the mid-early game and progression varieties? Answer is simple - creating those gems costs ton of silver and getting the right one can be borderline frustrating (as outcome of upgrading the crystal is completely random)


The build shown on the picture above is a standard cookie cutter setup for berserkers that balances out and polishes the berserker need for accuracy and damage. What is more it stacks you even more hitpoints. So lets look closer what we have here:

Helm: 2x Jin Harphia (20 evasion)
Chest: 2x Bon Cobelinus (HP 150)
Gloves: 2x JIN Viper (20 accuracy)
Boots: RBF Adamantine or Movement speed are decent choices.
Weapon: 2x Bon Carmae (4 crit / 6 AP)
Off-Hand: Crystal left to preference. Could use Black Spirit or Awaken Black Spirit.

Make sure the food you choose either adds to your defense or adds to utility. Damage is pretty out the window with this build but you could try your best. Margoria can still be used because of the movement and hp buff but you are wasting the crit buff. Valencia meal and Calpheon meal will boost your survivability. Choose your elixirs accordingly.

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